Serial hot-rodder Pat Ganahl takes us on a rare ROD & CUSTOM: GARAGE TOUR of his man cave, revealing what he has been working on for decades. And, is still working on!

ROD & CUSTOM: GARAGE TOURToday, Pat Ganahl takes our hi-tech readers on a guided tour of his garage that’s packed with cars and enough hard-to-see, half-hidden details to keep you busy for at least a week. I’ve already mentioned a couple of times that I’m quite happy – as most hot rodders should be – that the garage is obviously considered part of the home, and what better place to be sequestered…if you have to be sequestered?

Mine has always been a working garage. But it was old to start with (1937), and we’ve been here at least 35 years. Right off I added on to the original two-car garage, which ended at that large beam with the valve covers and hats on it, extending it 20 feet back, maybe 30 feet to the right, and 18 feet high. It holds five cars, plus a lot of other stuff, as you can (and will) see. I’m not a collector. In fact I throw too much away. But I do accumulate things, and save things that have special meaning to me (one way or another).

So, since people are usually somewhat amazed the further they wander into my garage, I figure this time of quarantine would be perfect to take you on a photographic tour of a few of the highlights. Some need explaining; some don’t. And believe me, there’s plenty I’m not showing, such as in cupboards and on upper storage shelves. I won’t spend much time on the cars, which you’ve seen.ROD & CUSTOM: GARAGE TOUR

I finally got the first coat of lacquer on the four hood pieces for the ’33 sedan last week, which will finish that project. I’ll also mention that these are all nice, new, non-rosy photos taken this week (I didn’t clean or straighten anything–it’s as-is), but the lighting in my garage has always been terrible – especially for painting. I should fix that. It’s on the list. No more ado. Here are enough photos to squint at for several sequestered days.

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