Working with a mid-size car (Pontiac Tempest) stuffed with a big engine 
(389-inch) and fitted  with custom trim (GTO), Jim Wangers turned an 
option into a cult car.
The man whose marketing and advertising campaigns bolstered the sales of Pontiac’s GTO and created a new category – Supercars, now called Musclecars – will be hosting the launch of the “cruise season” in California. Jim Wangers and his GeeTO TIGER will be at the Automobile Driving Museum, El Segundo, CA on Saturday February 23rd to kick off the cruise season with his presentation: Anatomy of the Musclecar; Offspring, Cousins & Grandchildren. Jim’s an old friend and his presentations have never failed to excite enthusiasts of all brands.

For more information about the Automobile Driving Museum and Jim Wanger’s presentation, please visit http://www.automobiledrivingmuseum.org/
Check out Jim Wanger’s website, http://geetotiger.com/