Back in the early days of NASCAR racing, six-cylinder Hudson Hornets showed Olds V8s and others the quick way to the checkered flag.
Long before streamlining and low center of gravity were “givens” for building successful racecars, factory step-down Hudsons gave V8 monsters fits on the NASCAR circuit. Between 1951 and 1955, Hudson Hornets won more than 80 races and became a dominant force in NASCAR competition. Herb Thomas is best remembers for his hard-to-beat Hornets.

NASCAR Hornets ran 200-plus-horsepower, 308-inch Twin-H (dual carb) six-cylinder Flatheads and had handling to match their straight-line performance. Some also excelled on the quarter-mile and in sports car hill climbs. Nicola Bulgari’s Satan of Morimar, top, a modified and customized road-race and hill-climb ’53 Twin-H, above, Hudson Hornet, has been preserved in as-raced condition. It delivers the level of performance expected from an OHV V8!

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