The Bent Axels Car Club shut down Old Town Orcutt, CA, drawing car guys, vacationers and BBQ lovers. Jim Palam, our man on the Left Coast, loves nothing 
more than great BBQ and cars.

The 35th Annual Bent Axles Car Club Show drew crowds hungry for Santa Maria style Tri-Tip BBQ and pre-1972 hot rods, customs and vintage vehicles. This popular, easy-pace show started Friday July 17th with a Strawberry Social and buttoned-up on Sunday the 19th with a Poker Run and Picnic. Proceeds and donations are directed to supporting our military and their families. Old Town Orcutt provided the perfect setting for displaying these boldly painted American classics. Jeff Tann’s Candy Purple ’36 Ford Cab, above, is ready to whisk you away to a  time when individuality and craftsmanship mattered.

Awesome! Alan Cummins’ radical ’33 Plymouth coupe was designed by Chip Foose and meticulously fabricated by Gaffoglio Metalcrafters. From every angle the FOOOSE coupe was a head-turner and crowd pleaser.

Cherie & Dale Hohlbaugh’s “Bent Axle” ’23 Ford T-Bucket is powered by a nostalgic Hemi. A ride in this machine is definitely on my bucket list.

The gang at Oldsmobile wasn’t ready to take a back seat to Chevy & Ford back in 1957. This J2 Option Rocket 88 proved the body guys could make lines dance and the motor boys could make serious power with their tri-power 371-cube powerhouse.

Back in the day, hot rodders were keeping their eyes on the road (and track) with a little help from Moon Speed Equipment. Willie & Lisa Bidwell’s purpose-built ’37 Ford coupe makes the same statement it did decades ago: Let’s race!

This AA service truck was ubiquitous in 1930 thanks to motoring giant Ford. Today it delivers the Bardahl Special quarter-midget  to special events in California.

As I was heading out from the show I was thinking what a gas this event is – and that’s when it caught my eye – the Don Montgomery Rockerhead ’41 Willys’ Gasser. This tribute Americar is owned by hot-rodding historian, Don Montgomery and his wife, Claire.

Words & Photos by Jim Palam,

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