C8 SWEEPSTAKES: WIN A CORVETTE anchors the Chip Miller Amyloidosis Foundation’s annual fundraising efforts in 2020.

C8 SWEEPSTAKES: WIN A CORVETTE2020 is a year when helping everyone is simply the right thing to do. Yeah, maybe you’re not totally on board with things that are being suggested, but in the end, if your efforts don’t do any harm and just might even do some good, why not go all in? All in is what the Chip Miller Amyloidosis Foundation has done with its anchor fundraising venture, a C8 SWEEPSTAKES: WIN A CORVETTE, that offers a new C8 Corvette to one lucky winner.

By supporting the CMAF, you’re also throwing your name into the proverbial hat for prize consideration and the process couldn’t be easier. When you purchase a sweepstakes ticket, you’re donating to the cause and supporting the CMAF. Not only does the foundation help raise awareness for Amyloidosis, monies raised are donated to other organizations that help battle this silent killer. Amyloidosis has hit too close to home for most involved with this sweepstakes, as foundation namesake Chip Miller succumbed to it in 2004 and Nicole Wallace, wife of Valley Chevrolet (source of the Sweepstakes C8) owner Ken Wallace, Jr. died in 2019. Before Chip’s passing and since, countless more folks have been afflicted, with no known cure to date.

“I’ve been fortunate to grow up in and around the Corvette,” noted CMAF President Lance Miller. “The people who drive the cars are what make them so great! The all-new ‘20 C8 Corvette is the best yet and I’m grateful we were able to get our hands on one of these amazing vehicles,” continued Miller. “I personally ordered this car exactly the way I’d get one for myself, one lucky winner will certainly be driving in style and knowing they helped an amazing cause – CMAF.”

But why is this sweepstakes so important? For 2020, your support for C8 SWEEPSTAKES: WIN A CORVETTE translates to what will likely be the main source of 2020 income for the foundation, income that is annually given back to select organizations that share similar goals as the CMAF. Due to COVID-19, a majority of foundation fundraising events have been canceled or postponed…with the postponed ones also in jeopardy.

C8 SWEEPSTAKES: WIN A CORVETTE is open now through Saturday, August 29, 2020. Not long after the registration window closes on the 29th, Corvettes at Carlisle and CMAF staffers will pick the winning sweepstakes name, awarding one lucky person with the ride of a lifetime.

For more information about Chip Miller and his Corvette passion, check out https://www.corvettemuseum.org/learn/about-corvette/corvette-hall-of-fame/chip-miller/

To lean more about the C8 SWEEPSTAKES: WIN A CORVETTE and the Chip Miller Amyloidosis Foundation please visit https://chipmiller.org/