Thanks to the Ford GT Forum, here’s the full story, announced by Ford at the GT Forum Rally, including how to buy a new Ford GT. Get in line now!
Raj Nair, Ford’s Global Director of Product Development made  the following announcement to a gathering of Ford GT owners on Thursday, August 27, 2015:

Ford will introduce a unique ordering process for the all-new Ford GT Supercar, with the program commencing in early-2016. Ford GTs will be assigned based on a customer application process, offering a personalized experience for every Ford GT buyer.

Anyone can apply; priority will be given to loyal Ford customers including current Ford GT owners. Ford will assign applicants selected through the process a car and complete their purchase through a Ford GT certified dealership of their choice.


The Ford GT customer application process will begin in early 2016. Details on the application process will be provided closer to the application process start date. Ford dealers will be able to opt-in and certify to sell the Ford GT. Details on the sales certification requirements will be communicated later this year.

A separate process will be established for Ford Dealership owners who wish to register and own a new Ford GT. Limited production, high cost materials/parts and unique technologies will require unique factory-sponsored processes and resources to support customers and dealers. A separate service opt-in and certification process will be communicated in Q2/Q3 2016. We recommend that dealers refrain from taking customer deposits. As we continue to develop and refine the unique customer selection, allocation, and distribution processes for this extremely low-volume supercar, we will keep dealers fully informed.

The Ford GT is an exciting demonstration of Ford’s capabilities and our culture of innovation & passion. Ford Performance will begin racing the new Ford GT in 2016 in both the Tudor/IMSA and WEC road car racing series including a return to Le Mans 50 years after the GT40’s historic 1-2-3 finish in 1966.

Production of the Ford GT road car will begin in late-2016 at dedicated Multimatic Motorsports facility in Markham, Ontario; global volume will be 250 vehicles per year. The all-new Ford GT will be priced to compete with exotic sports cars including Lamborghini, Ferrari and McLaren. Expect pricing to be in excess of $400,000 (Ed.)


•Lightweight construction – 100% carbon fiber body panels and passenger cell.
•Aerodynamic design and active features including speed-activated deployable rear wing.
•3.5L V6 Ecoboost engine producing over 600 horsepower.

For more information, please visit https://social.ford.com/content/fordsocial/en/articles/autoshow/all-new-ford-gt-sets-new-standard-for-ford-innovation.html?searchid=237047269|1412431581|78071380786&ef_id=-hBQJYpfWHgAAFqz:20150830174602:s

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