Back in the day, this Corvette finished second only to a McLaren F1 in the famous 
1998 Road & Track High-Speed Shootout.
In 1998, the late great John Lingenfelter prepared two Corvettes, a new C5 and a four-cam, 32-valve C4 ZR-1 to go head to head with the finest, fastest street-driven cars in the world. The venue: Road & Track magazine’s High-Speed Shootout. The competition: McLaren F1, Ferrari 550 Maranello, Ruf Porsche CTR 2, Hennessey Viper 600 GTS, and Toyota Supra Turbo. The driver: The legendary Mario Andretti. 

Lingenfelter’s ZR-1 was powered by a punched-out LT-5, displacing a whopping 415 cubic inches and, while clocking an impressive 218 mph, it finished just a click behind the world’s fastest Supercar – the BMW-powered, million-dollar-plus McLaren F1. In naturally aspirated form, this LT-5 Corvette will run from 0 to 150 mph and to 0 quicker than a current supercharged
C6 ZR1 Corvette!

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