If you own multiple sports cars, collector vehicles and/or racecars, it’s hard to beat the protection and convenience of an exotic car garage with country club amenities at a top-flight racetrack.

Whether you show, race or just cruise your collectible car(s), safe and sensible storage are always key concerns. Typically, home garages aren’t the best environments for collections, nor are they usually secure enough. Garage rentals are always an option, but the monthly fees add up, especially if you race and have to trailer your car to a track. If you also want to spend quality time with your wheels and family or friends, consider the latest in customizable trackside “residences” that offer a luxury environment with climate control and 24-hour security.

New Jersey Motorsports Park (NJMP) offers the perfect playground for enthusiasts, especially those who track their cars. They’re selling Phase II and Phase III of its trackside Exotic Car Garages, with sizes ranging from 1,000 to 8,000 square feet. Pre-construction prices are $140-$145 per-square-foot. 

Additionally, NJMP is packaging one-year Driver’s Club memberships with new purchases, giving owners access to dedicated track days on two different road courses, a clubhouse, pool, pub, restaurant, paintball field, karting complex, on-track driving instruction, season passes to races, VIP event invites and other privileges. If parts or tuning are needed, NJMP also has its new Speedplex High Performance Automotive and Motorcycle Service Facility on site.

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