When it comes to world-class eclectic events that showcase luxury lifestyle and power, nobody does it better than Molly and Gordon McCall. Mike Matune represented the CGC at the 28th annual extravaganza.

MONTEREY: MCCALL MOTORWORKS REVIVAL!MONTEREY: MCCALL MOTORWORKS REVIVAL!The traditional opening of Monterey Car Week again this year was Molly & Gordon McCall’s MONTEREY: MCCALL MOTORWORKS REVIVAL! at the Monterey Jet Center. This event combines the best of aircraft, motorcycles and cars with world-class cuisine and mixology. Adding to the treats for all the senses was an impressive collection of wineries, breweries and distilleries. Limited ticket sales assured each and every guest can enjoy themselves while sampling all the evening has to offer.

Gracious hosts Molly & Gordon McCall addressed event goers, thanking each for coming and all of the participants and sponsors for their support. In the pre-event press conference Gordon described himself as a car guy who plans events. The attention to detail was quite evident in the way the event flowed.

MONTEREY: MCCALL MOTORWORKS REVIVAL!Greeting guests as they entered was this B-25 Mitchell Bomber owned by the American Aeronautical Association. Built in 1944, it didn’t see action in WWII, but did serve on active duty until the 1950s. In civilian hands it served a number of roles including time as a crop duster and with Paramount Studios who purchased the plane for flying sequences in the movie Catch 22. The AAF acquired it in 1972 and has kept it active for various special events. For more information, please visit

MONTEREY: MCCALL MOTORWORKS REVIVAL!With the rise in the popularity of electric cars, you had to reason it wouldn’t be long before the electric motorcycle came to the fore. Lightning Motorcycle of San Jose markets this electric Strike. Available in three performance levels and topping out at 120 horsepower, the Strike provides the motorcycle experience without the typical noise, vibration or heat. Max torque is available at low rpm, negating the need for a gearbox of any type. For more information, please visit

MONTEREY: MCCALL MOTORWORKS REVIVAL!As Honda celebrates the 60th anniversary of its inaugural American sales effort, they took a step back in time and recreated one of the Chevy pickups used by their salesmen to carry motorcycles to perspective dealers in Southern California. The graphics and paint are based on an image of one of these trucks in front of Honda’s first U.S. headquarters. Completing the ensemble are the Honda 50 and the Honda CB160 in the pickup’s bed. These were two of the most popular bikes in Honda’s early lineup.

MONTEREY: MCCALL MOTORWORKS REVIVAL!BMW has presented motorsports with some of the most iconic shapes and colors in the history of motor racing. McCall showed an outstanding example of this by showcasing Jim Busby’s 320 Turbo Group 5 car. It has a racing history on three continents: Europe, North America and Australia. Following construction by BMW, it came to America where it was extensively modified. Details include the large rear window that actually covers the stock one. It smooths airflow while remaining legal. The rules said you had to keep the stock rear window, not that you couldn’t cover it!

MONTEREY: MCCALL MOTORWORKS REVIVAL!Custom rod builder, Steve Moal, attended with an example of his Road Champ roadster. Powered by a Chevy ZZ430, backed by a Tremac 5-speed, the body sits on a custom tubular frame with torsion bar suspension. This is the ninth in a series of similar cars Moal has built. The body and wheelbase are stretched to make it more highway-friendly. In fact, Moal and his wife took this car on a 3,500-mile road test immediately after the build was completed. Thanks to our Gray Ghost friend, Harry Quackenboss for his introduction to Steve.

MONTEREY: MCCALL MOTORWORKS REVIVAL!The second Moal car on display was Wayne Carini’s hot rod. Flathead Ford powered, it takes us back to a time when track roadsters were the racecars of choice. Each piece on the car is hand built and in keeping with those found on hot rods built in the 1940s and 1950s. Its simplicity is striking.

MONTEREY: MCCALL MOTORWORKS REVIVAL!Among the manufacturers displaying cars at the Motorworks Revival was Volkswagen with its ID Buggy. Built with VW’s electric vehicle architecture, it took styling cues from the VW-based dune buggies of the 1960s. As envisioned, it would offer significant flexibility in configuration, including seating. It’s rated at 200 horsepower and has an estimated 150-mile range.

MONTEREY: MCCALL MOTORWORKS REVIVAL!Kindig It Design showed this one-off Mercedes Benz 300 SL Gullwing Tribute. Powered by a Chevy LS motor and featuring a paddle shifted transmission, it conveyed all of the power and charm of the original with just enough updating to bring it into the 21st Century. One of the many intriguing things about the car was how nicely the updates were incorporated so as not to diminish the original design or appear totally out of place to the discerning eye.

MONTEREY: MCCALL MOTORWORKS REVIVAL!A Singer Porsche can be described as a symphony of design detail. The modifications are subtle and well integrated so that they are hardly noticed by themselves. This car needs to be studied carefully to fully appreciate the full range of its design and execution. 2019 marks the 10th anniversary of Singer. With cars like this, they certainly have a bright future.

MONTEREY: MCCALL MOTORWORKS REVIVAL!One of the more wondrous creations at the Motorworks Revival was from Michael Leeds at Blastolene. Built on a reworked fire truck chassis, it features a propane fueled, 1,000-inch Pierce Arrow V12 engine. Running weight is in the neighborhood of ten thousand pounds. It attracted throngs of appreciative viewers throughout the evening, but none more so than when he started it! For more, please visit

Words & photos: Mike Matune.

Thanks to Molly & Gordon McCall for their hospitality and to Jeremy Malcom & Sean Lorentzen at Kahn Media for their help with Credentials. For more information about the Revival, please visit