In his retirement years,  92-year-old consummate carguy and 47-year automotive industry executive has a new title: ‘MAXIMUM BOB’ LUTZ, MODEL-BUILDER!


While Robert A. Lutz, best known as “Maximum Bob”, was a top executive at BMW, Chrysler, Ford and General Motors, retiring as Vice-Chairman of GM in 2010, he collected scale models of iconic military airplanes, including ones that he owned and piloted. He also collected models of specialty cars. His go-to guy was Joel Rosen, best known for Baldwin-Motion Chevrolet Supercars, later owning Motion Models. Rosen created incredibly detailed models that graced his home and work offices, the last ones while Lutz was at GM, photo above. He passed away last year and Motion Models ceased production. Now he’s creating his own models.

Graham Heeps writes about the 92-year-old retired automotive executive who is still creating automotive and aeronautical legends! Like many car enthusiasts, I mess around with model making when I get the time, like customizing a Hot Wheels diecast or building a plastic kit. But scratch-building a highly accurate 1930s racecar from paper? That’s an entirely different level.

Bob Lutz brought his passion for cars, attention to detail and feel for good design to an almost-50-year career as a senior executive with BMW, Chrysler, Ford and General Motors. He had a hand in the creation of many iconic machines, from the Dodge Viper, to the Ford Sierra, to the Chevrolet Volt, and was instrumental in the emergence of BMW M. Now aged 92, and more than a decade on from his retirement from GM, he channels those same qualities into the creation of unique, 1:24-scale paper replicas of classic sports and racing cars – all designed from scratch and built by Lutz using techniques he has practiced, perfected and even invented along the way.

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