The future is now at JLR’s Portland Tech Incubator.

LISNR and Pilot Automotive Labs are the latest start-ups to join Jaguar Land Rover’s Portland Tech Incubator. It seeks to encourage, promote and support new automotive, mobility and connected car technologies that are being developed by start-ups. LISNR and PILOT bring new expertise to the Incubator team as their research will focus on transmission over audio and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and connected car services.

Incubator General Manager, Danielle Alexander, said, “The technologies LISNR and PILOT are developing present us with endless opportunities to broaden our scope of knowledge across data transmission and a suite of driver assistance features. We’re excited to spend the next six months working alongside these teams, and looking forward to seeing what comes out of the partnerships.”

LISNR’s goal is to enhance overall in-car connectivity as it relates to seat personalization, remote app pairing and keyless access. The company is also working to eliminate the risks of peer-to-peer data transmission over connected devices through its ability to transmit data in an offline environment.

PILOT is investing in future technology that offers the ability to apply modern ADAS features to legacy vehicles currently on the roads, improving safety and the driving experience for the customer. PILOT could assist and/or provide drivers with navigation, voice control, road sign and traffic signal detection, forward collision warnings, emergency 911 calls, lane departure alert and obstacle detection. The technology allows for a gradual path from ADAS to autonomous car functionality.

Rihards Gailums, CEO of PILOT Automotive Labs said, “We are excited that our technology has been recognized by a leading premium car brand like Jaguar Land Rover. We believe that not only new, but also existing cars could be made smarter and safer by using our technology by connecting them to the cloud and smart cities.”

Over the next six months, LISNR and PILOT will be provided with a variety of resources including direct investment and services; development support from the Jaguar Land Rover global engineering teams; mentorship; and designated space within the Portland research and development facilities.

Located in Portland, Oregon, the Jaguar Land Rover Tech Incubator launched in January 2016, expanding upon the Jaguar Land Rover Open Software Technology Center (OSTC), established in July 2014. The Incubator is committed to working with approximately 120 start-up companies over the next decade.

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