Colin Comer blogs about the FORD GT: INVESTMENT GRADE SUPERCAR being instantly collectible, and it isn’t slowing down.

FORD GT: INVESTMENT GRADE SUPERCARAs one of the few “instant collectible” cars that actually proved to be so, 2005–06 Ford GTs have maintained their value at or above their original MSRP since new. In other words, they’ve always defied logic. After all, with 4,038 produced, they aren’t rare, and typically any late-model “gotta have it” supercar is quickly supplanted by the next one.

So how is the 2005-2006 Ford GT immune to this well-documented flavor of the year phenomenon? Having owned one since new, I have a few ideas. First, Ford built these modern GTs as an homage to the original Le Mans-winning Ford GTs of the 1960s.

Second, an homage is only as good as its execution, and Ford nailed it here. The GT is as spot-on as any modern tribute car has ever been. Parked side by side with an original – as Ford did in the design studio to create it – the brilliance of its design and details shines through, which is likely why the cars look as fresh and exciting today as the prototype did some 17 years ago.

Third, and most important, the driving experience is as visceral as you’d hope. It is unencumbered by traction control or stability systems, and the wailing 550-horsepower supercharged 5.4-liter V-8 just over your shoulder, coupled with a satisfying mechanical feel to all that surrounds you, adds up to an experience like nothing else. The numbers aren’t too shabby, either, with 0–60 mph coming in less than four seconds on the way to a 205-mph top speed.

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