The evolution of racing America’s sports car showcased in CORVETTES IN COMPETITION at the Petersen Museum.

CORVETTES IN COMPETITIONIn the 1950s, sports cars were taking the nation by storm, and foreign manufacturers like MG, Ferrari, and Porsche were ruling the streets. But then, in 1953, Chevrolet unleashed a game-changer: the Corvette! Initially a head-turner, it needed a hero to match its looks with power. Enter Zora Arkus-Duntov, the Russian engineer who transformed the Corvette into a speed demon that could rival its European counterparts!

Racing its way from beaches to victory lanes, CORVETTES IN COMPETITION conquered hearts both on American soil and overseas, proudly representing the USA in major events. Today, with Corvette Racing leading the charge, this American legend continues to dominate the tracks, collecting victories at Le Mans and Daytona, and claiming multiple championships! America’s Sports Car has truly become America’s Race Car, a symbol of speed, heritage, and the pursuit of greatness!

CORVETTES IN COMPETITIONDiscover the icons of American racing history at the CORVETTES IN COMPETITION exhibit at the Petersen Museum, opening August 5th. For more information, please visit