Some of the most beautiful as well as functional automotive designs have come from this Milanese design studio.

Established in 1919, Zagato is a legendary automotive and lifestyle products design company most famous for producing iconic, limited-edition Zagato-branded sports and GT cars. Founded by Ugo Zagato, it is now headed by his grandson, Andrea Zagato and his wife, Marella Rivolta-Zagato. Marella is the daughter of
Piero Rivolta, best know for Iso sports-GT cars from the 1960s. The black & white photos were taken in the Zagato restoration shop and of Piero Rivolta, Andrea Zagato and wife Marella with a city-car prototype in the 1990s.

This week a group from the Iso-Bizzarrini Owners Club and Italian car enthusiasts, including Piero Rivolta, is on tour of Italy, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Iso Grifo and 60th anniversary of the Iso Isetta minicar. This week they are visiting Zagato.

Mike Gulett, owner of an Iso Grifo and a Bizzarrini and editor of My Car Quest is on the tour. He just filed photos from Zagato,