If you’re hot-rodding or restoring a 1927-’59 Ford, you need a copy of this handy guide.

Vern Tardel, America’s premier traditional hot rod builder, has just released the first of a new series of Vintage Parts Directories for traditional Ford enthusiasts. This comprehensive 40-page booklet – Common 1927-’59 Ford Electrical Service Parts – is published with the goal of helping readers correctly identify parts they have, or ones that they need.

Since the once common illustrated parts books have been out of print for years, Tardel’s Guides can save an incredible amount of time. They illustrate parts and provide part numbers and are must-haves for anyone working on 1927- ‘59 Ford restorations. The directory includes common Ford, Mercury, Edsel and Lincoln parts. Single copies are $11.95, plus shipping and handling, and are available from