Philip Richter blogs about great carguy films to watch during the COVID-19 crisis. We agree with his choices at TURTLE GARAGE: CARGUY MOVIES.

TURTLE GARAGE: CARGUY MOVIES.With COVID-19 changing life worldwide, our main concerns are staying safe and staying healthy. Social distancing and self-isolation has become the new standard, with more businesses shifting to remote working every day to stay solvent. That can be mentally stressing and one way that car enthusiasts can lighten the load is by watching automotive-themed films on your TV or computer. Since car companies are on lockdown and all media related activities – new product reveals, press conferences and track days – have been cancelled, there’s little new for print as well electronic/social media (Vloggers, bloggers, TV shows) to cover and report on.

To avoid cabin fever taking over your lives, consider taking a break from work, cooking, whatever, make some popcorn, chill-out and watch an auto-themed flick. Turtle Garage’s Philip Richter has saved you the trouble of searching for popular as well as lesser-known auto-action films, guaranteed to brighten your day. Some have received “two-thumbs-up” while others barely noticed and destined for obscurity. Check out Richter’s Recommendations, and more importantly stay safe.

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