John Linden authored this extensive and informative story on the right way to store any vehicle, especially a classic or specialty car, over the winter or for the long haul.

THE BASICS: SPECIALTY CAR STORAGE.It is easy to get lazy and watch a piece of history fade away under the ravages of time – such is the fate of most vehicles eventually. Some cars, however, deserve a better outcome and there are those of us willing to give it to them. Whether you have restored, cared for, or purchased the car for yourself, you are unlikely unwilling to see that investment in either time or money go to waste. A few wrong steps and your classic automobile can quickly depreciate: THE BASICS: SPECIALTY CAR STORAGE.

THE BASICS: SPECIALTY CAR STORAGE.When insuring your classic car, there are often rules and stipulations around how such a vehicle may be stored. Many of these rules make sense as proper storage over the winter months, or during more extended periods of inactivity, is key to ensuring the longevity and beauty of your classic car. In many cases, your storage options will be significantly reduced. Protecting your car’s exterior and interior is key when storing short or long term. Either do it yourself or hire a professional like Red Hynch, below, if you are on Florida’s west coast,

These options are usually reduced to residential garages, a separate purpose-built storage building (like a detached garage elsewhere on your property), or classic car storage facilities. Covering your vehicle with a quality car cover is highly recommended as is a battery maintainer or trickle charger, like the CTEK  ( shown below by Sarasota, FL hot rod builder, Mike Griffin. are going to cover the significant steps you need to take when putting a car into storage, as well as some unique advice for classic and specialty car owners.

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