Hagerty’s Richard Heseltine showcases 11 Concept Cars, many having a positive effect on future production cars. Other SWINGING SIXTIES CONCEPT CARS faded into obscurity. But, they all matter!

SWINGING SIXTIES CONCEPT CARSTwo iconic Concepts – one from Ford; the other from Chevrolet – created by teams led by Roy Lunn (Mustang 1, above, and Zora Arkus-Duntov (CERV 1) below.

Concept cars tend to live ephemeral lives. They appear at an event or two, create headlines if they’re lucky, and then disappear into the ether once they’re no longer of use. Some, however, attain legendary status. The 1960s in particular witnessed the emergence of the show-stopper as we know it, car manufacturers seeing the value of creating a one-off purely to foretell what’s coming down the road and broadcast styling trends and create a little excitement ahead of launching a new model.

Gathered here from that era are our favorites of the breed. Some created a lasting legacy and are proudly displayed in factory museums. Others led hard lives but were later restored prior to hitting the concours circuit. A few, however, didn’t see out the decade, leaving only photographs and old magazines behind as reminders that they ever existed. All were memorable—and most definitely groovy – which is why we love them still.

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