It’s not fast and it doesn’t fly, but when you see this clipped-wing flying machine 
in your rear view mirror, just move over!
Have you ever wondered what evil spawn would result if a 1956 Cessna 310 laid down with a Toyota Minivan? Well Speedy Cop has answered that question with this creative road and track vehicle. By stripping the van and constructing a roll cage over the pan, they were able to bolt on the remains of an abandoned airplane. The results: a Wings & Wheels show all to itself. It retains the van’s original 100 horsepower engine that has logged 177,000 miles. The finished creation scales in at 2,600 pounds.

No airplane, even a land-based one, should venture out without nose or tail-art celebrating the female form. And Spirit of LeMons doesn’t disappoint with its colorful tail. To keep the car street legal and licensed, the tail has been modified to include tail and brake lights.

The Spirit of LeMons’ interior features a carefully crafted and integrated instrument panel showcasing elements from both  Cessna and Toyota. It was likely created using a Sawzall and a hefty hammer! Based on the craftsmanship, owner Speedy Cop (a Washington, DC-based police officer) probably shouldn’t be holding his breath standing by for a call from Roger Penske or any other professional racing team owner!

And the results are more than an art experiment, but rather a racecar of sorts. Earlier this year it competed in the 24 Hours Of LeMons Southern Discomfort at Carolina Motorsports Park and, well just say it didn’t finish last! The names on the side are those who contributed to the build. The signature on the fuselage is that of driver Randy Pobst.
Such lunacy must be rewarded!

Words & photos: M.M.”Mike” Matune, Jr.

For the complete story of this airplane-bodied road & track vehicle, please visit http://www.speedycop.com/

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