Rover Trophy is building the best custom Land Rover Defenders – ROVER TROPHY DEFENDER – money can buy, blogs our road test editor Howard Walker at EQ Magazine.

ROVER TROPHY DEFENDERAs cool trucks go, Land Rover’s rugged, square-box Defender sits at the frosty pinnacle. Beloved by everyone from Ralph Lauren and the late Queen, to Lara Croft, 007 and Britain’s elite SAS special forces, the Defender remains a true British icon.

The only problem: Land Rover ceased Defender production in January 2016 to make way for an all-new Defender. Today, well-heeled “Landy” lovers, collectors and enthusiasts struggle to find examples that haven’t disintegrated into a pile of rust and rotted vinyl. That’s where Jeff Taylor at Connecticut-based Rover Trophy comes in. He’s building essentially brand-new Defenders from the ground up, with a single-minded focus on quality and craftsmanship.

And, because those original Defenders were less than stellar to drive – think wheezy, under-powered engines and wayward handling – Taylor is bringing them up to date power-wise. Continue reading about the ROVER TROPHY DEFENDER @

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