Serious quarter-milers mix it up on the strip and will turn heads at MCACN.

MCACN’s Bob Ashton is always looking for ways to keep the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals fresh and exciting. This year the show will have a very special display, unlike any that they have done in the past.
Imagine a dozen serious Muscle Cars lined up side-by-side, drag race style. Each is show ready, but with a bit of a difference.

You see, these cars are likely to have plenty of rubber on the quarters, as all of them will be raced (hard) in the Pure Stock Muscle Car Drag Races in Stanton, MI. This awesome race will be taking place this weekend, September 13-14, with an incredible lineup of very serious Muscle Cars and Corvettes, no clones or tributes, delivering very serious quarter-mile action!

There will be a Hurst/Olds, vintage Max Wedge cars, C2 and C3 Corvettes, AMXs,  GSXs and SC/Ramblers, some Hemi and 440+6 Mopars, Mustangs galore, a real Trans-Am Javelin and many others. Expected is a factory Paxton-blown Studebaker! Races start Friday at 9 am at Mid Michigan Motorplex in Stanton, with non-stop action Friday and Saturday.

On November 23-24, MCACN will host a spectacular display of Pure Stock Muscle, including a ‘64 Max-Wedge Plymouth, K-code Mustang, Cougar Eliminator, 427 Impala, ‘66 L79 Corvette, Buick GSX and a ‘74 GTO.

“Special thanks go out to Donnie Brass, Rusty ‘Tires’ Small and Dan Jensen for putting this together and helping us to once again raise the bar,” said MCACN’s Bob Ashton.

For more information, please visit http://www.purestockdrags.com/

Check out the MCACN site for details on the upcoming show, http://www.mcacn.com/