Legal for street use where top speed is limited to just under 25 mph, the plug-in electric Mini Moke delivers unlimited fun.

PLUG & PLAY: ELECTRIC MINI MOKE!Best known for its stylish utility and golf carts, Cruise Car, Sarasota, FL, has secured the contract to build an electric version of the cult MOKE. A favorite sunshine supercar of the rich and famous – Brigitte Bardot drove one in St.Tropez – original restored Mini Mokes are highly desirable. Initially developed in the 1950s as a lightweight, parachute-droppable vehicle for the British military, MOKE vehicles are used around the world as beach vacation cars. Cruise Car builds 2 to 30-passenger electric and solar electric passenger shuttles, and a wide variety of light utility carts.

Cruise Car’s new venture will create a street legal, electric, low-speed (top speed just under 25 mph) version of the MOKE. A national network of car dealers is being established and the first vehicles are slated to be delivered late-August 2017.

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