Retro City Car started out as a Concept in 1989 and went into limited production in 1991. Today it’s a rare collectible.
Shoji Takahashi, after winning a design competition, got the nod from Nissan to design a retro-style convertible City Car based on the Nissan K10 Micra (March) platform. Dubbed Figaro, it debuted at the 1991 Tokyo Motor Show under a sign, “Back To The Future.” The Figaro convertible was built by the Nissan Special Projects Group (Pike Factory) in just four colors: Topaz Mist, Emerald Green (shown here), Pale Aqua and Lapis Grey. Colors represented seasons of the year. When it went on sale, it was marketed without Nissan badging.

Based on the Nissan B-Platform, the 91-inch wheelbase, 64-inch wide Figaro has an overall length of just 147 inches and weighs 1,800 pounds. Powered by a turbocharged 1-Liter (987-cc) MA10ET water-cooled Four, it is mated to a three-speed automatic transmission. Standard equipment included leather seats, air conditioning, CD player and rollback fabric top.

It was never planned to be a mass market production vehicle and prospective buyers had to enter a lottery for the privilege to order a Figaro. Original production was slated for 8,000
and upped an additional 12,000 to meet demand. Figaros were produced for domestic use,
but some ended up in other RHD markets, like the UK where there are specialists who
service and supply parts for the retro minicar.

I photographed this Figaro leaving a wedding with bride, groom, photographer and driver, at City Hall, Copenhagen, Denmark. Our friends at Autoweek recently did a great article and drive report on a Figaro that calls Massachusetts home,