Ed Cashman was still in the U.S. Navy when he saved up to buy his first Ferrari: a ‘81 308 GTBi, purchased new from a North Carolina Ferrari dealer. A LOYAL FERRARI 308 GTBi OWNER, he still owns it!


For 41 years, Cashman’s 308 has seen its share of admiration among car enthusiasts and won numerous regional and national car awards. It was displayed in 1994 at the Ferrari Club of America National meet in Monterey, winning Best in Class, and then invited to show on the 18th Green at the Pebble Beach Concours. Cashman said he had the help of two friends transport both his 308 and ‘71 365 GTB/4 Daytona, by co-driving them from Philadelphia to Monterey in five days. That adventure was well documented in a special op-ed in the Monterey County Herald by Dan Altiotti, one of the co-drivers of Cashman’s prancing horses. Cashman has since replaced his GTB/4 with a more-modern, stunning 2000 Ferrari 550 Maranello.

Reminiscing, Cashman said the Ferrari Club of America meet in 1994 was a truly memorable event that he attended with his 308 GTBi, sharing the warm camaraderie with fellow Ferrari owners and enthusiasts, including big Ferrari names like Piero Ferrari and Sergio Pininfarina. It was an event filled with Ferraris from day’s past that could best be described as a family reunion of the Maranello workforce!Now living in Venice, FL, Cashman and his 308 are still cruising together with ease and summer holiday vibes. Mother Nature gave rain the day off for a sunny Monday afternoon photo shoot. His 550 Maranello rested comfortably in its stable.

On the outside, the GTBi has sharp lines, later giving birth to numerous successors starting with the 328. Its styling is as sleek as it is sexy, measuring 174.2 inches long and 67.7 inches wide. Sporty side quarter-windows and air scoops enhance the overall view. What must not go unnoticed is its very rare Blu Sera Metallizzato exterior, sparkling like full moon light under the Florida sun and serene as the midnight shores of the Gulf.

LOYAL FERRARI 308 GTBi OWNERAccording to Cashman, the GTBi is a pleasure cruiser, sporting a 179 cubic-inch V8 that can power his 308 to a top speed of 149 mph. Equipped with dual overhead cams, the Bosch K-Jetronic fuel injected V8 delivers 214 horsepower with 181 pound-feet of torque at 4,600 rpm.

Only 44 inches tall, a ride in the 308 feels like being in a go-kart, which coincidentally LOYAL FERRARI 308 GTBi OWNER Cashman also described the drive as, “the 308 itself is one with the road”. From ignition to cruising on Venice Avenue, the GTBi was a smooth and comfortable ride, the kind of Ferrari that you would take out on a date night to a five-star restaurant and have guests at the valet gossiping whether that’s Magnum’s Tom Selleck behind the wheel!

Looking inside, the GTBi’s plush leather buckets are as tan as Sam Neil’s khakis from Jurassic Park! Though one can only imagine what an overland journey in this tight two-place sports car from Philadelphia to Monterey may feel like when sitting in the driver’s seat. Climbing in the driver side feels like being surrounded by an Italian-influenced Swiss watch. The gauges are functional, easy to read, and the interior looks race-ready.

Ferrari has been building fine GTs and sports cars since Enzo Ferrari built the Columbo V-12-powered 125-S in 1947. Cashman’s 308 GTBi is no exception. No wear or tear, this model has traveled 3,000 miles from Philadelphia to Monterey, won numerous car show and concours awards throughout its journey, and remains in mint condition.

With years of consistent attentive maintenance, LOYAL FERRARI 308 GTBi OWNER Cashman says the 308 is not the fastest Ferrari he owns, but loves going out for a cruise or to shows whenever he can. If this Blu Sera Metallizzato Ferrari 308 GTBi can be described in one word, then perhaps Bellissimo has a nice ring to it!

Words & Photos: Dan Fisher

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