Swiss-based R-Reforged’s IAN CALLUM: ASTON MARTIN VANQUISH 25 has gone from concept to production in less than one year!


Just nine months after announcing the project, the production IAN CALLUM: ASTON MARTIN VANQUISH 25 by R-Reforged has been revealed and customer car build will commence in September. Designer Ian Callum has evolved the concept shown in 2019 with a revised interior, more trim options and definitive chassis and powertrain set up.

Ian Cullum’s stunning Vanquish features over 350 engineering, material and design changes that transform the much-loved car into a more practical and relevant GT. Having covered over 20,000 miles of rigorous testing on the UK’s broad range of roads, as well as multiple sessions on both the wet and dry surfaces at Michelin’s Ladoux proving ground, engineers have carefully determined a crisper set up to amplify the driving experience of a classic GT.

Highly tuned Bilstein dampers provide composure with noticeably more agility and control. Careful bushing selection, stiffer anti-roll bars, a 10-mm lower ride height, up to 60-mm wider track and specific Michelin Pilot Sport tire compounds assure linearity in roll and composure without resorting to a rock-solid track feel that contemporary GTs often lean towards. Steering feel, aided by the fitting of a more slender wheel rim, lower seating position and the suspension improvements, is sharper with more feedback to reward the enthusiast driver. The overall result is a more versatile GT eminently suitable for everyday use.IAN CALLUM: ASTON MARTIN VANQUISH 25“After a year of piling on the miles in our development prototype, I’m confident we’ve hit the targets we set ourselves of a very responsive but supple car,” says head of engineering at R-Reforged, Adam Donfrancesco. “There was a perception that much of what we planned was aesthetic but the way the car drives, feels, goes, stops and sounds is actually where a lot of our efforts have been focused. We’ve defined a setup that finesses the composed, big Aston Martin GT feel but sharpens and hones it.”

Highlighting the multitude of options clients can specify during sessions with Ian Callum – either remotely or at the Warwick facility where the car is assembled – the IAN CALLUM: ASTON MARTIN VANQUISH 25 by R-Reforged is offered with an infinite number of body and eight trim colors, three transmission variants – manual, auto and semi-automatic – as well as three bespoke 20-inch wheel choices. Bridge of Weir Leather Company provides the car’s sumptuous leather trim. Bremont’s removable pocket watch, an industry-first, remains prominent in the interior that now includes brushed or polished dark chrome details, and a walnut veneer option instead of carbon. Mulberry has developed the luggage to fit snugly in the rear of the cabin.

IAN CALLUM: ASTON MARTIN VANQUISH 25“The designers, engineers and craftspeople have poured all their energy into breathing new life into the car, pushing the boundaries of every detail: flawless surface finishes, tight shutlines and a crafted interior I believe you’ll enjoy spending time in,” says designer and consummate carguy Ian Callum, above, with his old-school ’32 Ford hot rod at the Woodward Cruise. “I’m particularly impressed with how it drives. From the lower, more sculpted and cosseting seat, the crisper steering with enhanced feel to just the glorious way it sounds, I think we have created something quite special.”

R-Reforged has now also revealed the under-hood revisions. Often overlooked, its engineers have detailed the area with carbon and leather dressing alongside the bespoke carbon intake system and tuned equal length stainless steel primary collectors that create a sonorous V12 howl from the 580 horsepower engine. Alongside the reveal of the production specification car, now available for prospective customers to experience, R-Reforged confirmed it is building the first batch in September with initial cars destined for Europe and Latin America.

“Too often design studies are revealed only for them to disappear, or for deliveries to end up being years later, leaving customers disillusioned about the viability of coach-building such cars,” adds Callum.

Formed in 2018, Swiss-based R-Reforged focuses on vehicle refinement and associated small-scale series production, which takes place at its 30,000 square-foot facility in Warwick, UK. Part of the Swiss AF Racing Group, it aims to deliver an unparalleled ownership experience for customers through best in class service from the point of ordering.

For more information about the IAN CALLUM: ASTON MARTIN VANQUISH 25 and R-Reforged, please visit https://www.r-reforged.com/