This could be the only XJ6-C with Webers, Nitrous and five on the floor!
John Chiungos is an attorney who, when it comes to cars, just doesn’t play by the rules! Most owners of XJ6s either keep their rides stock or upgrade using some factory parts from later models. Others dress them up with period aftermarket accessories. But not John Chiungos. He designed all the custom features of his ’75 Jaguar XJ6-C, worked with Jag experts like Peter Gould  (British Auto/USA) and has his head-turning Coupe serviced and maintained by Jaguar Service in Chelmsford, MA. It’s a pro-built, two-plus-two grand tourer

While at first it may not be noticeable, all four fenders have been tastefully flared using steel moldings to neatly showcase the three-piece 16-inch BBS modular alloy wheels fitted with Dunlop 225/ZR50 tires. Chiungos minimally altered the Jag’s exterior to try and keep the stock appearance, turning his Coupe into a wolf in sheep’s clothing!

However, once the hood is popped the Jag’s true colors are exposed. The 4.5-liter DOHC Six-banger is blueprinted and fitted with a Series III big-valve head, WAD street-performance cams and valve train, 9.5-to-l forged aluminum pistons, free-flow stainless steel header exhaust system and a trio of Weber two-barrel carbs. If you also pop the trunk lid, you’ll see a pair of polished tanks for the NOS nitrous injection system! The MSD-fired Six is hooked up to a five-speed stick and a Jaguar rear fitted with a gear-type Detroit Locker with 3.78 gears.

Inside you’ll find a handcrafted leather interior, roll bar, Alpine stereo with a pair of 60-watt amps and a custom Nardi wood steering wheel.

Now that Chiungos has finished and sorted out his Jag, he’s contemplating moving on to his next project. That means the XJ6-C Q-Ship will probably be ready for a new owner. Anyone for an
XJ6-C Rocket Ship? Let me know.