A virtual exhibition of Gordon Murray’s 50 years of automotive design & engineering, immortalized in an online showcase where fans can ‘sit’ in Senna’s Formula One car; examine detail of a McLaren F1.

GORDON MURRAY: ONE FORMULA!GORDON MURRAY: ONE FORMULA!Gordon Murray has unveiled a fully immersive, internet-based virtual exhibition of 40 different iconic race and road cars produced during the past 50 years of his illustrious career in vehicle design and engineering. The online exhibition, GORDON MURRAY: ONE FORMULA!, brings to life the private One Formula exhibition held in late 2017, is free to access.

Motorsport fans can ‘walk’ among cars driven by legends including Piquet, Senna and Prost, and even ‘sit’ in the cockpits for a driver’s-eye view. Among the grand prix cars featured are the Brabham BT46B ‘Fan Car’, the BT49C that won the 1981 World Drivers’ Championship in the hands of Nelson Piquet, and the McLaren MP4/4, which Ayrton Senna drove to his first Drivers’ Championship victory in 1988.

Visitors can also explore the McLaren F1 – still the world’s fastest naturally aspirated road car, and its celebrated Le Mans racing siblings. Other famed Murray projects showcased include the OX flat pack truck, the TVR Griffith and the revolutionary iStream® platform manufacturing technologies.

GORDON MURRAY: ONE FORMULA!Professor Gordon Murray, CBE, said: “It is such thrill to share my passion for engineering purity, beautiful design, aerodynamic excellence, and technological innovation. Creating an exhibition in a free-to-view format, accessible to all, in stunning virtual reality is exciting and a source of great pride.”

GORDON MURRAY: ONE FORMULA!“For the One Formula exhibition, we gathered almost every race and road car from my 50-year career to date, and we were inundated with requests from fans across the world who wanted to visit. Being a short-term, private exhibition meant we couldn’t share our passion with these enthusiasts. So, doing so in virtual form is the next best thing!”

GORDON MURRAY: ONE FORMULA!The launch of the free virtual exhibition coincides with the launch of Murray’s One Formula book, a two-volume, 900-page epic that charts in detail the ideas, personal perspectives, triumphs and records achieved over 50 years of automotive design and engineering.

GORDON MURRAY: ONE FORMULA!Those who explore every corner of the detailed and fascinating online showcase will see information and exhibits covering the design, engineering, prototyping and development of vehicles by Gordon Murray Design Limited. By scrutinizing the principles Murray has applied across his career, visitors may piece-together the blueprint for a forthcoming supercar – which is currently under top-secret development.

GORDON MURRAY: ONE FORMULA!GORDON MURRAY: ONE FORMULA! Free exhibit goes live in tandem with Murray’s One Formula book launch. Check it out at https://oneformulagordonmurray.com/en/