Historic racer and patriot Mike Moss is GOIN’ FAST; DOIN’ GOOD! supporting efforts to help Ukraine citizens and keep democracy and freedom alive!

GOIN’ FAST; DOIN’ GOOD!When he is not racing his Lola T70, Lola Can-Am car, or one of his vintage four-cam Ford-powered Indy 500 racecars, my friend and Sarasota Café Racer Mike Moss is spearheading OPERATION UKRAINE RELIEF, a joint military veteran & civilian organization. It’s essentially a continuation of OPERATION PINEAPPLE EXPRESS and his involvement in evacuating Americans and Afghans out of Afghanistan after the U.S. left and the country was turned over to the Taliban.

OPERATION UKRAINE RELIEF is staffed with industry leaders and former Green Berets, Rangers, SEALs, Marines and USAF personnel. Many are in Poland, Ukraine and surrounding nations, bringing medical and communications equipment to Ukraine citizens who desperately need to survive and support their nation. They have been instrumental in delivering Elon Musk’s SpaceX Starlink terminals to the Ukrainian military and have chartered aircraft and delivered hundreds of tons of medical relief to the Ukrainian people through their Ministry of Health.

OPERATION UKRAINE RELIEF is partnered with CROSS BORDER CIVILIANS FOUNDATION https://www.crossbordercivilians.org/home which provides humanitarian aid to civilians who are in, or evacuating from, conflict zones. It helps them provide the quickest way to aid those in need.

Mike Moss is GOIN’ FAST; DOIN’ GOOD! @ https://www.ukrainerelief.com/