Jim Koscs has been digging into the history of the unique 1973-‘78 GMC MotorHome. Among those still on the road are some customized for Coca-Cola.
When car enthusiasts think of General Motors circa early 1970s, they likely first recall a fading muscle car presence. The Pontiac Trans-Am SD-455 was certainly a bright spot for 1973, but that same year, GM offered an even more remarkable showcase of its engineering prowess and creativity: the GMC MotorHome.

A revelation in the RV industry, where most vehicles were essentially wood-framed boxes on commercial truck chassis, the GMC was lower, sleeker and easier to drive. It used the Oldsmobile Toronado’s front-drive powertrain along with a novel four-wheel rear air suspension system and a body of aluminum and sheet molded compound (SMC).

GMC built 13,000 MotorHomes, and there are still thousands in active use around the world, supported by a strong aftermarket and club activities. In an early preview of today’s co-branding marketing trend, Coca-Cola teamed up with GMC to give away five customized MotorHomes in a sweepstakes. Several are still on the road.

Photos: Bill Bryant

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