Levi Mackintosh blogs about turning an ordinary garage into a 
luxury storage and workspace.

There is an indescribable feeling when you make a connection with a vehicle. Whether it’s on the road with your windows down on a winding drive, or in your garage with a bottle of wax and rag in hand. To a car enthusiast, the cliché phrase “Pride and Joy” really doesn’t suffice. 

For those who spend countless hours on a restoration project, or even those who purchase new, knowing you have a head turning ride is bliss. But what is your car coming home to?

For many of us, our garages are a jumbled mess of tools, storage, and even trash. So how can we make our garages worthy of our cars? The following are a few ideas to get your garage
in order to reflect you, and your car.


A man’s workspace is personal. We have our own ways of doing things, and we learn through our own experiences. However there is nothing more frustrating than looking for the wrench you just had. And after you’re done using tools, finding them again can often be a headache.

The key to a successful garage is organization. Having a place to put your tools and keep them off the floor and out of the way is vital. There are multiple options. Cabinets and toolboxes are a great way to store your tools and get rid of excess clutter.


Drips, spills, and other messes are known results of working on and tuning your car. Chemicals and abuse usually hammer your garage floor; you need flooring that is durable so it can withstand these elements. If moisture collects, mold and mildew are sure to follow. Protecting your flooring is a must. Not only can garage flooring serve as a protection, but also with designs readily available, your flooring can follow a theme to complement your vehicle(s).


With so many variations of new shelving systems, there is a product for every situation. Whether it’s a tire rack for your slicks, or a place to hang your jacks, the shelving world is evolving into a tremendous asset for enthusiasts. One of the most important aspects of a good shelf is its strength and durability. If you’ve ever seen a shelf bending or bowing, you know what I mean. Not only do we hold our car care standards high, we should also hold our storage standards high. Storing large amounts of oil, tools, and other car care and service products requires strong shelving, so be sure to do your research.

With so much time, commitment, and money spent by enthusiasts on their cars, don’t you think it appropriate to store and house them in a place you are proud of? The folks at StorPro, LLC take pride in their garage customizing solutions and serving local car enthusiasts.

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