Competing in Pre-War Speedster Racing Group road racing events offers great wheel-to-wheel excitement and low operating costs.
Built using a ’31 Ford chassis and engine, #28 Speedster is actually titled as a Model A and plated for street use in Florida. The grille shell is from a ’28 Ford and the chassis has been pinched front and rear to allow the hood line and boat tail rear to be covered. Front axle has been dropped four inches and the rear spring cut two inches. Hiding much of the steel frame and components is a handcrafted aluminum Speedster body. Back in the day, Speedster bodies were available for converting early Fords into track cars.

Powering this retro road racer is a four-cylinder ‘A’ Flathead Four, rebuilt and fitted with a lightweight flywheel, Lion cast-iron high-compression head, Red’s header and exhaust and
an Ansen finned aluminum intake manifold with a Stromberg 94 two-barrel carb. The
electrical system is 12-volt and the vintage Model-A three-speed has been replaced by
a modern, easy-shifting Borg-Warner T-5 five-speed.

Inside the two-seater are leather-covered Kirkey aluminum racing seats, racing belts,
roll bar, full instrumentation and a new Model-A steering wheel that’s been
twine-wrapped and coated for a non-slip grip.

For more information about this Model-A Speedster and historic road racing with the Pre-War Speedster Racing Group, contact Sarasota Café Racers Bill Stelcher,
or Bob Tone,