For a tiny fraction of the cost of a Superformance GT40, Le Mans Coupes makes it possible to bring a race-stained, Gulf-liveried GT40 into your garage or home!

FORD GT40: SPIRIT OF LE MANSAs will be fresh in the mind of anybody who’s enjoyed the recent Ford v Ferrari film, Ford GT40s were built to race, and never look more alive than when stained in the grime of battle. Therefore, what better adornment for an enthusiast’s lounge or garage can there be than a FORD GT40: SPIRIT OF LE MANS nose panel apparently streaked with the mix of dirt and oil that inevitably results from 24 hours of wheel-to-wheel action?

It is for this reason that Le Mans Coupes Ltd, the UK importer of the Superformance GT40s, is now offering replica nose panels decorated to taste as shown here: the race-stained Gulf colors of the 1968 and 1969 race winner, chassis P/1075; the rain-soaked black nose of the 1966 victor, P/1046; or something completely different and personal to the customer.

Said Oliver Hulme, Le Mans Coupes’ Managing Director, “As the key cars in the Ford v Ferrari film were supplied by Superformance, there has been a major uplift of interest in our product range and we decided to have a couple of noses decorated for fun. However, the response was so enthusiastic we have now added the option to our regular list of services. The process is impressive and employs unique stencils and real oil to create the most authentic patina possible – you can almost smell the heat of competition!”

The innovators behind these automotive masterpieces are Belgian gentleman racer Jean-Denis Claessens and street artist Edmond ‘Pogo’ Thonnard, further examples of whose extraordinary work can be viewed at

For more information about FORD GT40: SPIRIT OF LE MANS artworked body panels starting at £3,000 (approximately $4,000 US) and recreated 1960s sports and racecars, please visit