Ford built almost 5,000 427 Galaxies, but only 212 were lightweights built for traveling a quarter-mile at a time.
At first glance this white ’63 Galaxie looks like a typical 427 Galaxie, customized with Thunderbolt-styled scooped hood. However, just 212 Galaxies were built to factory
lightweight specifications with fiberglass front fenders and aluminum bumpers. Interiors were truly minimal and there was no sound deadening materials used. They were built specifically for
NHRA A/Stock competition.

This particular Galaxie is one of these very rare factory lightweights, fitted with the R-Code, dual-quad 425-horsepower big-block engine and documented as authentic. The potent 427 cubic inch engine is mated to a Borg-Warner T-10 four-speed transmission with an NHRA-approved scattershield and heavy-duty nine-inch rear end with 4.11 Posi gears. The car rides on 15 x 5-1/2-inch Kelsey-Hayes steel wheels with an extra heavy-duty center spider, dog-dish hubcaps and heavy-duty brakes, shocks and leaf springs.

Special components include the fiberglass trunk lid and Thunderbolt-style high-riser hood, signed by legendary Ford racing drivers Dick Brannan and Phil Bonner. As per factory lightweight specs, front fenders and inner fenders are also fiberglass and the front / rear bumpers and brackets are aluminum. 

Inside there are light Bostrom bucket seats and rubber floor mats. A purpose-built performance car through and through, it also has several deleted components – again, to reduce weight – that include the radio, clock, heater, trunk and interior sound deadeners, trunk spring torsion bars, hood springs, roof cross-support, courtesy lights, dome lights, arm rest, roof insulation, backup lights and mirrors; as well as the trunk mat and a single horn. 

With low production and high performance, these factory Code 63-B lightweights are highly collectible. They were built to defend the honor of the Blue Oval – which they did, both on the track and the street, where they easily embarrassed unsuspecting Bow Tie enthusiasts. It will be one of the featured cars at the upcoming Auctions America Ft. Lauderdale event.

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