Author, photographer and consummate car guy, David Fetherston, creates a book that’s also collectible art.
Before the Internet, self-publishing, publishing-on-demand and China being the epicenter of book printing, coffee table books had special meaning. They were typically large in format, printed on incredibly expensive coated stock, quality bindings, and subjects that usually ranged from art, architecture and antiques to fashion, jewelry and collectible cars. Fast forward and now just about any hefty hardcover book with nice paper and photos is considered to be a coffee table book. And how could we forget the iconic Seinfeld episode with chaotic Kramer writing a coffee table book on coffee tables, complete with folding table legs!

David Fetherston, however, has created the truly ultimate coffee table book: CLASSIC WOODYS, Station Wagons, Sedans & Convertibles. Coverage ranges from stock production and limited-production stockers to wild and wonderful custom iterations. Massive in size and scope, the 400-page tome on woodys opens out to 24 X 12-inches with 19 chapters covering the history of wood-bodied and trimmed vehicles built by active as well as orphan carmakers – from American Bantam to Willys plus one-off surfer wagons and custom hot rods. It is a veritable encyclopedia of woodys, everything you have always wanted to know. Plus it’s beautifully illustrated with original vintage photography as well as Fetherston’s art photos.

 Best of all, this limited-run (500 copies) collector’ edition book from Fetherston Publishing is packaged like nothing I have even seen in the automotive book world. CLASSIC WOODYS comes in Fetherston’s Treasure Box of Classic Woodys fitted inside a custom maple and mahogany display case designed to look like a woody tailgate. In addition to the book, the case also includes a Dime Store toy woody wagon, a wood sample set, vintage and contemporary surf decals, classic woody postcards, and two genuine Woody postage stamps.

If we used a Five-star-review system, I’d give CLASSIC WOODYS Six!

Available only from Fetherston Publishing, please visit: