Celebrate the Best of Bloomington Gold and honor a special man, Chip Miller, and special cars at CORVETTES AT CARLISLE 2020.

CHIP’S CHOICE: CORVETTES AT CARLISLECorvettes at Carlisle may be the largest all-Corvette themed weekend in the world, but Bloomington Gold, held each June in Indiana, is known as the Grand Daddy of Corvette events. For one summer only, the two brands come together to showcase a very special display: CHIP’S CHOICE: CORVETTES AT CARLISLE. Spanning August 27-30, Corvettes at Carlisle presented by Top Flight Automotive, takes over the Carlisle PA Fairgrounds and welcomes nearly 60,000 guests and some 5,000 Corvettes to America’s Automotive Hometown, Carlisle PA.

The display, named in honor of Chip Miller (co-founder of Carlisle Events and Corvettes at Carlisle), is an annual special display, showcased within Building T. This display embodies the best-of-the-best in the Corvette hobby, including unique themes, designs, builders or cars that have some type of historical tie-in to Corvettes at Carlisle, Chip Miller and/or the Miller family. For 2020, the display features the Best of the Best of Bloomington Gold.

Bloomington Gold the Holy Grail of the Corvette hobby and is the longest running event of its type, dating back to the early 1970s. For 2020, Bloomington Gold President Guy Larsen and Event Director Bill Locke will pick Corvettes that have made an impact not only within the hobby, but also at their prestigious event. These cars, 12 to be exact, will sit front and center for all to see as part of Chip’s Choice in Building T.

“We’re excited to showcase some amazing Corvettes throughout this display,” noted Carlisle Events co-owner Lance Miller. ‘My father, Chip Miller, went to every single Bloomington Gold while he was alive. In fact, he was a long-time judge at each of the events,” continued Miller. “Corvettes at Carlisle continues to be represented year in and year out. I recall going with him on many occasions and enjoying the various events. I felt it was appropriate to showcase a taste of what Bloomington Gold has to offer during their events. So, for 2020, what better way to include them than CHIP’S CHOICE: CORVETTES AT CARLISLE. I know my father is smiling down proud.”

“The 2020 Chip’s Choice display at Corvettes of Carlisle will feature a display of some of the very best Bloomington Gold Benchmark® Corvettes, recipients of the most prestigious Corvette award,” said Guy Larsen, President – Bloomington Gold Corvettes. “The Benchmark® award recognizes the very rare Corvettes that embody the ultimate in factory originality and condition,” continued Larsen. “Benchmark® Corvettes are highly unrestored and appear to be in ‘typical factory production.’ The Corvettes on display at Chip’s Choice 2020 will appear as if they were put in a time capsule when they left the factory and have been preserved. These Corvettes are the best examples for anyone doing a restoration or trying to learn about authentic Corvettes of that time, hence the name Benchmark®. Benchmark® cars are the sports’ best link to the past and preserving Corvette’s factory authenticity heritage in the future. It is an honor for Bloomington Gold Corvettes to present these fine Benchmark® Corvettes this coming August, 2020.”

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