A lack of official racing programs at Chevrolet forced Z-11 Chevys from NHRA S/S to A/FX, making them less competitive. Most ended up being match raced.
The handwriting was on the wall in 1962: Chevrolet was in for big trouble on drag strips in 1963. While its 409-inch update of the W-Series 348 held its ground in 1962, Pontiac, Dodge Plymouth and Ford were readying serious assaults the following year that Chevrolet would not be ready for. Enter RPO Z-11, a much-improved 427-inch W-style motor, mounted in a “lightweight” full-size Impala two-door sport coupe with aluminum front bumper and body panels. With Pontiac doing well with its lightweight Super-Duty 421s and Dodge-Plymouth boosting their very successful 413 wedges to 426 inches and Ford on schedule to update its 406 to 427 inches, Chevrolet had little choice but to pull out all the stops.

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