Our M. M. “Mike” Matune, Jr. joins the local enthusiasts for Saturday morning coffee in Great Falls, VA.
Cars & Coffee events are popping up all around the country as car guys seek a place to meet other enthusiasts in an informal setting. They are bound by a common passion for the automobile in all its forms. Here in the Washington, DC Area, we are blessed with a number of such events, including Cars & Coffee at Katie’s Coffee in Great Falls, VA. Held each
Saturday morning from 6:30 to 9:30 AM, it is a great way to kick off a Saturday without
having to commit the whole day.

Here is a nice contrast between two applications of the Ford FE 427 engine, above.  The red ‘63½ Ford Galaxie “Fastback” is an example of the lead vehicle from Ford’s 1963 Total Performance program. They saw competition on drag stripes, oval tracks, road courses and rallies. In the foreground, a Cobra represents the cars that would take Carroll Shelby, Ford and others around the world and to a plethora of racing successes. 

Showing the range of cars attending is this pair of Italian Thoroughbreds. I know the Ferrari FF on the right is probably the better car, but I’m drawn to the classic 330 on the left. I would be completely sold if it were a “two-headlight” model rather than a “four-headlight” one.

Joe Dale built and owns this unique custom Mercedes. He chose to use copper as the accent color on the car, an unusual choice that seems to work in this super sedan. If you look along the rear quarter panel behind the wheel, you will see he did rust repair by fabricating a patch panel and riveting it to the body. Mini bumpers are fashioned from copper and riveted to the body. Its hood features a copper inset complete with louvers and more rivets. The copper theme continues inside the car with a console structure added to house additional switches and gauges. More on the car is available here:

Morgan Plus 8 is powered by an ex-BOP (Buick-Oldsmobile-Pontiac) 215-inch aluminum V8 that originally powered GM compacts in the early 1960s.

This Allard K-2, right, has been magnificently restored and is resplendent in yellow paint. Allards were powered by a number of American V8s including Ford Flatheads, Cadillac OHVs and Chrysler Hemis. They were mainstays of early American road racing right after the war, more than making up for a somewhat rudimentary suspension with horsepower.

Pickup truck, below, has been given the full Rat Rod treatment and is powered by a modern Cobra small-block V8. Its interior has the right amount of patina with a “necker knob” on the steering wheel and a blanket as seat upholstery!

Photos by M. M. “Mike” Matune, Jr.

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