Oldwick Café Racer Tom Miller runs his personal best time at the Mt. Equinox climb to the clouds in his Porsche Mong-Spyder.
Cars have been competitively challenging Mt. Equinox for more than 60 years and, in the United States, only Pike’s Peak predates it. Unique among hill climb venues, Mt. Equinox, near Manchester, VT boasts the longest paved (5.2-mile) hill climb course in the world. Oldwick, NJ Café Racer Tom Miller, a collector, vintage racer, restorer and marketer of classics and high-performance cars, has run the Skyline Drive course in a 356 Porsche coupe, vintage Porsche Speedster, and in recent years, his unique Porsche-Mong Spyder.

This past weekend, Miller ran his personal best time, 6:19:71, in his Spyder powered by a very basic 70-horsepower pushrod Four. Soon he will install its original four-cam Carrera engine, dynoed at over 150 horsepower! The record (4.08:8) on the hill dates back to July 21, 1968. Over the weekend, top time was 4:56:30, posted by a Saab Sonnet.

Once an SCCA sanctioned event, the Mt. Equinox hill climb has been run by VSCCA since 1971. For more information on the hill climb, please visit

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