Our friends at Hagerty pick their annual BULL MARKET: 10 COLLECTIBLE CARS, showcasing vehicles chosen to beat the market next year.


Hagerty ardently upholds the philosophy of “buy what you love.” When that love intersects with cars that are appreciating, so much the better—you might just be able to buy what you love and also drive it for free, which is surely proof of a well-lived life.

Over the past four years, that’s what Hagerty’s Bull Market List has been all about highlighting fun cars, across a variety of budgets and tastes, that we believe are poised to rise in value over the next 12 months. This isn’t a get-rich-quick list for flippers; it’s a tip sheet to help enthusiasts get their cake and maybe eat it, too. And it’s informed by our analysis of all the market data Hagerty has at its disposal.

This year’s collection is as varied as any we’ve ever assembled. Its diversity reflects how easy social media has made it to discover, learn about, and fall in love with vehicles from nearly every age. The number of later-model cars is also a reminder that the past two decades have been a renaissance of sorts for design and performance.

Wisconsin’s Road America in the fall proved the perfect place to gather our 2021 Bull Market clan, which included the 1984-1991 Ferrari Testarossa and 2005–06 Ford GT. Jurgen Otto, Otto Motorcars, Sarasota, FL, owns the Testarossa; CGC Editor Marty Schorr owns the ’06 Tungsten GT.

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