Rare and inventive, the Buick-powered, Italian-bodied Apollo GT is far from forgotten.

BUICK POWER: APOLLO GTThe sports car history books are chock full of ambitious young folks dreaming big, pooling their cash, and setting up shop to take on the world. Then they often run out of money and close their doors after just a few years. Making cars is a business, after all, and as it turns out, building sports cars, like the stunning BUICK POWER: APOLLO GT and turning a profit is not at all easy.

A perfect example of one of these obscure but awesome automotive ventures is the Apollo GT, a marriage of Italian style, with Intermeccanica bodywork, and American engineering, thanks to a Buick-sourced powertrain, all wed in Oakland, California in 1963. BUICK POWER: APOLLO GT continues @https://www.petersen.org/blog/2019/10/17/rare-and-inventive-the-apollo-gt-is-far-from-forgotten

Intermeccanica was founded in Torino, Italy, in 1959 by Frank Reisner. It subsequently moved first to the United States, then to Canada, and is currently headed by Frank’s son, Henry Reisner. For more information, https://intermeccanica.com/athird.net/our-vehicles

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