Mike Austin follows up Hemmings Muscle Machines weekly newsletter’s coverage of the late Bill Kolb, Jr’s impressive Ford-centric career. He reminds enthusiasts that he was also involved for a short period of time pushing the Bowtie brand at a Chevrolet dealership – BOWTIE BILL & HIS V-8 VEGA!

BOWTIE BILL & HIS V-8 VEGA!A week or so ago we posted a tribute to Bill Kolb, Jr., best known for his history with Ford Motor Company, drag racing Fords, building and marketing specialty vehicles, and as dealer-principal of two Ford dealerships. We would be remiss if we didn’t also recognize the short time he spent at Hory Chevrolet in Larchmont, NY and his specialty vehicle activities which included building and showing an outrageous Vega V-8 station wagon.

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