Everything you’ve always wanted to know about Ford’s legendary high-performance street and race cars and the people who built and raced them.



“Real history is written best by the people who actually experienced it, and in the case of his hugely anticipated book, Marty Schorr, right, is the author who was there for all of it. This is not just a collection of old photos. The text springs forth with verve and sharp analysis, the kind of story that can only be written by someone who was front-and-center during the relevant yearsHemmings Muscle Machines

FORD TOTAL PERFORMANCE chronicles Ford’s 1961-1971 racing era and covers production vehicles, unique concepts, drag cars, and the rivalry that led to the creation of the GT40. With 348 photos and illustration to accompany the intriguing history, it’s a must ready for Ford aficionadosMotor Trend

“Schorr’s insider stories are worth the price of admission and many photos from his personal collection add a special touch. An absolute must for Ford performance enthusiastsVintage Motorsport

 “…a stellar title that any Ford fan will want on their bookshelf.” –

FORD TOTAL PERFORMANCE“Marty Schorr has fifty years worth of experience with performance cars. He also has fifty years worth of photographs he took during that time. He shares them in this book – some which have been used before and some that have not. For detail freaks it is a treasure trove. There have been a lot of books written about performance Fords. We know, because we have a wall full of bookshelves filled with them. We are happy to add Marty Schorr’s book to our shelf. If you’re reading this review, you will be, too.” – Shelby American

FORD TOTAL PERFORMANCE“Spiced with war stories and insights accumulated through years as a magazine editor, Schorr covers everything from post – WWII hot rodding, time trials and street racing, to oval, rally, drag and Grand Prix competition. You don’t have to be a Ford fanatic to enjoy the inside stories…” – Houston Chronicle

FORD TOTAL PERFORMANCE“Featuring unpublished period images, plus photos and artwork from Ford designers, Ford Total Performance covers all of Ford’s classic race and street cars, including Cobras and Shelby Mustangs. It’s a must-have book for any fan of classic American performance cars – Antique Automobile

FORD TOTAL PERFORMANCE“This lively history encompasses the full breadth of Ford’s performance machinery. The award winning book is packed with lots of excellent archival and contemporary photography, plus it’s written by Marty Schorr who was there when a lot of this happenedMuscle Car Review

“For Ford fans, as well as anyone wishing to learn more about a landmark period in American racing history, this is a must-read bookVintage Racecar

“Automotive journalist Martyn L. Schorr lived the heyday of Ford’s Total Performance period of the 1960s and early 1970s. He not only worked with the Ford folks to get the details behind the program and its cars, he drove the cars when they were fresh out of the wrapper. Now, he’s taken all of that experience and knowledge and channeled it into this beautiful book. Not only was Schorr taking notes of Ford’s performance program, he was taking pictures. Many of his original images join Ford archival images to complement the story for the complete package on Ford Total Performance – Old Cars Weekly