Everything you’ve always wanted to know about publishing traditional print, on-demand and e-books … from pros!

Join us October 10, 2015 in Santa Rosa, CA for a one-day intensive seminar in the foundations of establishing your own automotive  publishing company. This seminar, limited to 25 participants to allow for more interaction, may be well be the day that changes the course of your professional life.

Have you been hankering to publish a book, but it just lingers and seems out of reach? Are you leery of getting into contracts with huge publishing companies? This seminar will lead the way. We want to help you publish your own traditional books, e-books, or on-demand books, no matter how big or small the project. The presenters have each had years of experience in the major elements of designing, marketing, printing, and selling of books.

Step-by-step, four industry veterans will explain what is involved in developing a concept, choosing design options, finding where/how to get unique printing done, determining whether to offer online e-books or on-demand books, and numerous marketing and sales suggestions. Presenters provide over 130 years of accumulated knowledge across the fields of publishing. There will be time for Q&A’s, as all sessions are designed to be free-flowing and interactive.  Our aim is to offer a framework upon which you can build your own publishing company, or help fill in the parts that have been a roadblock for you in the past.

Our hope is that we can help you move towards being a publisher in your own right and avoid the pitfalls. With the combined experience of the presenters, there is probably not a publishing question that will go unanswered!  Bring your notebook; you won’t want to miss a thing!


Nathan Boblitt, President, Luminee, Sebastopol, CA.
Expert in websites for e-commerce.

Ken Coburn, Owner/Broker, Global Interprint, Santa Rosa, CA.
Fifty years in the publishing/printing business.

David Fetherston: Publisher & Author: Fetherston PublishingL.L.C, Sebastopol, CA.
Written, designed, and published dozens of books, including BONNEVILLE, A Century Of Speed,  Book of the Year Award Winner.

Kevin Gilfether, Design guru at Kevzo Art & Design, Sebastopol, CA
Book design award winner 2014

Just $125, including light lunch and refreshments. For registration information, please visit:

Questions? Email: or call 707-823-7358

NOTE: This seminar is not a solicitation on the part of the presenters. Participants may inquire about the specific services, but any of those inquires are outside of this seminar.