Aston Martin kicks off its 100th year celebration tomorrow at an event in London.

The highlight of the centenary show at Kensington Gardens, starting a one-year-long celebration will be the display of the Centenary Edition cars, above,created especially for the anniversary. 100 of the Century Edition Vanquish models have been built for the occasion. One of the main features of the car is its unique paint, which is graduated silver and created by adding a special tint to the paint. Applied by hand, the process takes up to 68 hours.

In addition to paint, the silver theme continues inside the car, with special silver threaded embroidery in the Deep Soft black leather head restraints, previously available only in the One 77 Hypercar. The luxury car also comes with a unique gift box which contains exclusive goodies like bespoke key pouches made from the Deep Soft leather, solid silver cufflinks and Bang and Olufsen headphones. In addition to this, drivers will also get an individually numbered sterling silver plaques to commemorate the purchase.

Aston Martin has also created a unique sports car concept for the centenary – the CC100, above, which has close design ties to the ‘59 DBR1 that won at Le Mans and Nuburgring. This concept will also be on display at Kensington Gardens after making its debut appearance back in May at the 24 Hours of Nuburgring race.The 6.0-litre V12 car was designed and constructed in less than six months and has a carbon fibre body and interior. It also utilizes the latest generation V12 engine and six-speed transmission.

Since the company’s inception as Bamford & Martin Limited in 1913, Aston Martin has always put luxury and elegance at the forefront of its automobiles. It wasn’t long (1914) until the company rebranded as Aston Martin after one successful run at the Aston Hill climb in Buckinghamshire by co-founder Lionel Martin.

Aston Martin has always been at the cutting edge of automotive design and construction. The company competed in the 1922 French Grand Prix only to find themselves forced to shut up shop just three years later in 1925 due to financial difficulties. Fortunately just a year later in 1926 the company was recovered through investment to form Aston Martin Motors Limited.

Fast forward to the present day and Aston Martin is now synonymous with James Bond and all things desirable; owing to their almost 50 year relationship with Bond films. The third James Bond movie (1964), Goldfinger, saw 007 driving a new car, an Aston Martin DB5. Now almost 50 years later, the DB5 has returned for its sixth appearance as the car of choice for
James Bond in his most recent film, Skyfall.

Words by Cyn Felthousen

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