Scott Oldham recalls his GNX driving experience and being the first to be involved in a GNX fender bender. That’s something he’ll never forget. Neither will I.

’87 GNX REDUX: DRIVING BUICK GNX #002!’87 GNX REDUX: DRIVING BUICK GNX #002!In 1987 I handled media relations for Buick on the east coast, wrote the BUICK GNX book that went with each of the 547 GNXs and had #002 in my New York City press fleet. The first media loan went to Joe Oldham at Popular Mechanics magazine, and son Scott, later to become a respected member of the automotive media community, borrowed it to drive to a friend’s house. In the process he got rear-ended while stopped at a traffic light. It was the first GNX to be involved in an accident and both his late Dad, Joe, he and I never forgot it.

Check out Scott Oldham’s article about crashing a brand new Buick GNX, just published on Haggerty.com  https://www.hagerty.com/articles-videos/articles/2018/03/20/crashing-a-brand-new-buick-gnx