Designed, engineered, powered by Ford and built by Multimatic, this very-limited production Supercar is a kick-ass racecar with license plates.

’17 FORD GT: AMERICA’S SUPERCAR’17 FORD GT: AMERICA’S SUPERCARFrom Ford’s unique customer vetting process, contract-build by one of the most respected racecar shops in North America and proven Le Mans performance to the GT’s ultra-limited production and unique concierge delivery process, the GT program represents a first for any domestic carmaker. Proposed production is tagged at 250 GTs per year over a four-year period which coincides with Ford’s commitment to supporting a GT racing team.

Approved purchasers recently received this letter from Ford: “The Ford GT team and the entire Ford Family are thrilled for you to continue your journey to ownership of your new Ford GT. As you know, we have added an additional two years of Ford GT production to support demand. This has allowed us to extend the purchase opportunity to Ford GT ambassadors like you. You will receive your Ford GT Welcome Guide tailored to your production process closer to mid-2018. In addition, your personal ordering window for your new Ford GT will also be communicated closer to that time. We will continue to share details as information becomes available. Until that time, if you have any questions about your order, please contact the Ford GT Concierge Team. We appreciate your patience, and once again, congratulations! Sincerely, Ford GT Team”

’17 FORD GT: AMERICA’S SUPERCARWhile thousand of potential customers have submitted applications to buy a GT, there are no plans to build more than 1,000 units and that may actually take more than four years. Friend, Sarasota Café Racer and former President of Ford, Jim Padilla, took delivery of his GT, Vin #0119, on Sunday at Sarasota Ford. Myself and a few other owners of 2005-’06 Ford GTs – Paul Cavonis, Gary Jean and Howard Mintz – and ’65 Cobra owner Archie Urciuoli, celebrated the GT’s arrival with Jim and his wife, Alice.

’17 FORD GT: AMERICA’S SUPERCARThe new 106.7-inch wheelbase Ford GT is 43.7 inches high and has a carbon fiber tub and body panels. With an overall length of 187.5 inches and a curb weight of 3,250 pounds, it delivers outstanding performance thanks to a twin turbocharged and intercooled DOHC 24-valve V-6 rated at 647 horsepower at 6,250 rpm. With an aluminum block and heads and direct-injection intake, this 213-inch Six delivers 550 pound-feet of torque at 5,900 rpm. A seven-speed dual clutch automatic transmission has manual shifting modes.

’17 FORD GT: AMERICA’S SUPERCARIt rides on 20-inch forged aluminum or carbon fiber wheels, shod with Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires. Carbon ceramic brakes insure stopping on the road as well as the track. An active adjustable suspension and aero package are controlled by a multi-functional hydraulic pump system. There are five drive modes available: Normal, Sport, Track, Wet, and V-Max. Each one adjusts settings for throttle, traction control, electronic stability control, suspension damping, active aerodynamics, and ride height. V-Max is ideally suited for track time and allows the GT to achieve its projected 217 mph top speed. Acceleration estimates are 0 to 60 mph in less than 3.0 seconds and quarter-mile elapsed times in the mid-10s.

’17 FORD GT: AMERICA’S SUPERCAR’17 FORD GT: AMERICA’S SUPERCARSince we are dealing with a vehicle with a $453,750 base price that, once optioned with racing stripes, leather interior upgrade, exposed carbon fiber ground effects trim, easily increases to more than $525,000, the delivery process is unique and controlled by the GT Team. Once a GT is ready for delivery, arrangements are made for a contracted concierge who flies in to meet with owners. The new GT is an extremely complex, high-tech car and the specialist for this delivery, Steve Coates, is based in Nashville, TN, above, left with CGC Editor, Marty Schorr and Jim Padilla, spent approximately two hours one-on-one with Jim going over all the performance, safety and operation details. Ford is offering GT-specific training to approximately 25 technicians at Ford dealerships in targeted markets from coast to coast.

’17 FORD GT: AMERICA’S SUPERCAR                           Jim and Alice Padilla with their new 2017 Ford GT.

Photos by Gary Jean

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