Powered by a fuel-injected 284-horsepower V12, this bespoke E-Type boasts the best of vintage and modern power and trim.

’74 JAGUAR E-TYPE SERIES 3: BUILT TO ORDER!Formerly relegated to the shadows of the E-Type market, in recent times the Series 3 model has begun to shine among collectors and enthusiasts, becoming hot property for those seeking true driving pleasure and usability. One Series 3 shines brighter than others, however. This 1974 example has been built to order and subjected to a 3,000-hour restoration to bespoke specifications by leading specialists E-Type UK.

’74 JAGUAR E-TYPE SERIES 3: BUILT TO ORDER!Commissioned by an overseas customer, the mission was to tailor the car to his exact desires, personalizing it for him and upgrading the car to create his ultimate E-Type. As experts in restoring and upgrading all E-Types, the E-Type UK team executed his vision. The result is an E-Type with true duality of character, capable of offering serious performance and smooth grand touring capabilities while maintaining the essence of what makes the E-Type an icon.

’74 JAGUAR E-TYPE SERIES 3: BUILT TO ORDER!The 5.3-litre V12 engine fitted with Stromberg carburetors, was fully rebuilt and reworked. As specialists in fuel-injecting E-Types, the team created a totally bespoke downdraft fuel injection system for the car with Jenvy throttle bodies, Emerald ECU and full custom wiring loom. Displacement was increased to 6.1 litres and it now produces a dyno-proven 284 horsepower at the rear wheels. Topped with stunning custom-made velocity stacks, it produces an exceptional tone through a Zertec-coated 12-branch stainless steel exhaust system, below.

’74 JAGUAR E-TYPE SERIES 3: BUILT TO ORDER!To aid this improved performance, suitable custom touches were made under the skin of the E-Type. The inner sills were strengthened, bespoke extended louvers were added to the hood and additional air ducting was created. A sports steering rack was fitted for a heavier feel, alongside adjustable suspension with sports torsion bars all round and four-pot AP Racing brakes with grooved vented disks up front. An aerospace-grade aluminum five-speed gearbox replaces the old unit, with internal ratios chosen to complement the power band. One-off 62 spoke 16″ Turino wire wheels complete the rolling package.

’74 JAGUAR E-TYPE SERIES 3: BUILT TO ORDER!’74 JAGUAR E-TYPE SERIES 3: BUILT TO ORDER!Inside the car, a fully bespoke leather interior was created. The seat bases were lowered for a better driving position, with custom seats created from XJS units fitted (complete with seat heating). Beneath the interior lies Dynamat sound deadening, adding to the audio experience of the iPod and Bluetooth connected surround sound. Something of a motif throughout the car is the subtle use of LED lighting, with the interior benefitting from custom foot well lighting, door flood lighting and trunk lighting. With a full external light conversion to LEDs, including daytime running lights, this E-Type is the perfect mix of modern practicality and classic style. Complete with glowing red start button sitting beneath the piano black dash, the interior also benefits from a custom air conditioning system.

’74 JAGUAR E-TYPE SERIES 3: BUILT TO ORDER!Recently delivered to the delighted customer, this E-Type represents a world-class example of a Restomod S3. E-Type UK is now accepting similar commissions for those looking to bring their E-Type to up to modern reality.

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