Dan Gulino blogs about the rare 396/375 SS Z16 Chevelle, the Supercar that did an end-run around GM’s big-block/midsize car ban.
Only 201 Z16 Chevelles were built in 1965 and Ronald Pace has one of the finest examples in existence. The Z16 was Chevrolet’s answer to Pontiac’s sensational GTO. The ‘65 Chevelle Malibu SS Z16 included a heavy-duty chassis, suspension, axle, and brakes, a four-speed manual transmission, and unique power steering components. The 396-inch L37 engine was conservatively rated at 375 horsepower and fitted forged crankshaft and pistons, four-bolt mains, large-port heads, and an aluminum intake with a large Holley four-barrel.

For the full story including how Chevrolet got around GM’s corporate big-block ban, please visit http://wildaboutcarsonline.com/cgi-bin/pub9990327521141.cgi?itemid=9990414183957&action=viewad&categoryid=9980403904227

For more information about Z16 Chevelles, check out http://www.z16chevelle.com/