My British friends would say the car is brilliant, blinding, the dog’s bollocks and that I must have been chuffed to have it for a few days. All true, blogs Motorbooks 
publisher, Zack Miller.

Really, there’s nothing the F-Type R does not do well. It looks sharp and modern while making a nod to its ancestry. It’s wicked fast, and with all-wheel drive it inspires confidence (even for book publishers). Its exhaust note is intoxicating. I’m hard pressed to think of much that I didn’t love about the car. I guess it’s a bit of a submarine for visibility when the top is up, and I didn’t care for the economy feature that kills the engine at a stop and restarts it when you remove your foot from the brake (though in fairness you can disable that feature—when you reach over to turn on Active Exhaust!).

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