Unless you’ve been living on Mars, you should know that Mark Stielow is synonymous with PRO TOURING and the quickest, fastest and best-handling 
Pro Touring Gen I Camaros.
Pro Touring cars are vintage vehicles with modern power and amenities that can compete and excel – accelerate, handle, stop – on drag strips and road courses and cruise across the country. Popular nameplates in this hobby are Camaro, Mustang, Barracuda and Challenger.

Whether GM engineer and consummate car guy Mark Stielow actually built the first Pro Touring Gen I Camaro or built the ones that have become the genre’s halo cars – The Mule, Red Devil, Red Witch & Mayhem – is irrelevant. What is relevant is that Stielow has literally written the book on the subject (Pro Touring, Engineered Performance) and he and his cars have become media darlings, being featured in the field’s leading print and online publications.

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